Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I just don't think I'm ''Picky''!

One of my parents favorite words to describe me is ''picky''. As a little girl, I can remember going to buffets and finding the two items I liked and eating just them. I am the only one in my family that does this, so I gained the ''Picky Eater'' title at a young age.Since getting married, I try more things at buffets as I can just scoop them onto Matt's plate if I don't like them!
I feel I am not picky, though. I know what I like, and don't like, and I don't hide it. I know that I am not the worst of the worst. I at least try things, I just don't like them all.
Now that I'm pregnant, let me tell you. It is as though I have become the MOST picky person in the world. Really, though, again, I am just being honest. First off, I am NOT going to eat anything that is old, past it's expiration date or has been sitting out for a long period of time. I am also not going to eat things that my doctor has told me is not good for me.
I did wonder if I would suddenly crave strange things that Matt likes since it is 1/2 his child too. This, so far, is not the case.
Now, in addition to things I already don't like, I have some new things that just seem gross. Most cooked vegetables (except for in chicken pot pie, aparently), especially broccoli and spinach are a big no. Certain cheeses (pretty much anything but cheddar and American) are a no. Brown rice was a go until I smelled it cooking, and now... no. Most sauteed or mushy looking veggies are just... NO. Almond milk tastes sour and I thought mushrooms were going to be out after I had some that tasted fishy! Luckily, I have tried mushrooms again and they are not so bad.
What my point is, I have always tried to be genuine and honest. If I don't like something (like cheese and fish together) I am not going to lie and say I do like it. Don't take it as an insult, and please don't feel obligated to make me something special. I usually have snacks in my purse anyways.

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