Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy Monday (A Baby Monk Update)

16 weeks!
Baby Monk and I are being suuuuper lazy today! Nana and Papa (my mama and daddy) came in town this weekend and we shopped til we dropped. We registered at one store and had a lot of fun doing so! Even my daddy enjoyed his time- and wants a baby swing for himself. 
Last week I had some bleeding (sorry for the TMI!) So I called my doctors office and his nurse fit me in. Since I am high risk- an ultrasound was in order. We saw that not only is Baby Monk doing great, but is measuring two days ahead of where I am! Already advanced! So proud! 
Dr. Bosco said he thought he could see the gender- but said he wasn't confident enough to tell me and didn't want to be wrong! Hopefully on November 8 (my next prenatal appointment) I will have another ultrasound and he will be a little more confident! 

I also am going for an appointment with a Perinatologist in a few days and I hear they can better tell you the gender. It doesn't matter to me! I am excited that we are seeing a healthy baby! 
As for me- my anemia hasn't changed much and I am still feeling a little bit of discomfort from the fibroid. My belly is already making me look 20+ weeks pregnant :-/ oh well! I also haven't completely gotten over morning sickness- but morning sickness is a good sign!  
Hopefully we will find out this week if we have a new place to move! Also- Matt should hear if he got the teaching position at Lockhart Middle School! Which us luck! 

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