Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Monday, November 25, 2013

Update: Higher Risk

I just wanted to give an update on what's going on with the Monks, mostly Baby Monk. Sorry if some of it is TMI... 
Well, we are all moved into the house and had started unpacking and I stepped away to start cooking. All of the sudden I felt what felt like the bleeding I experienced in early pregnancy. I hurried to the bathroom and I lost some fluid. I had no pains and no fever, though.
I yelled for Matt and we got in the car and headed to the hospital. I called the on call doctor and she called ahead to labor and delivery. 
I was brought into a room and had to go through triage. The nurse was very sweet and calm. She took some samples and said the doctor was going to have to do an exam to get a better sample. She kept me calm and made sure to tell me all of the possibilities. 
The doctor then did a sonogram and we saw our daughter moving around and her little heartbeat, but the amount of fluid around her was very low. 
The doctor left only to return shortly to let me know that my amniotic sac had definitely ruptured. She went through all of the options, worst case I would go into labor or I could get an infection resulting in early forced labor.
Next is that I could hang in there for 3 weeks, see my doctor and the Perinatologist and they could come up with a plan for me to check into the large Seton Hospital in Austin. At 23-24 weeks they can use steroids and antibiotics to keep me healthy and help baby develop for a possible premature birth. 
There is hope. I have heard/read stories of the amniotic fluid replenishing itself and babies making it to full term. Also, the amniotic sac healing itself and the threat going down significantly! 
Needless to say, I am on STRICT bed rest. Only getting out of bed/off the couch for using the restroom, short showers and travel to the doctor. 
As of this morning I have not leaked any fluid (thank you Jesus). I am staying super hydrated to keep the risk of labor down. My mom is coming in town for a few days and my mother in law for a few days to help out. 
I had to get another Rhogam shot this morning and the nurse said its a good sign I haven't leaked any fluid! My mom will take me I my doctor on Wednesday and then I will see the Perinatologist Monday. 
I have been declaring life over our tiny girl's body and declaring for contractions to hold off for another 4 months. Declaring health and no infections in Jesus name! Declaring that the amniotic sac will heal itself and close up. 
Matt is taking good care of me and I haven't had to do anything for myself. I hate that I can't clean up after myself or make my own food right now. Even getting up to get water is probably more than I should be doing. 
Please stand with us for our little girl. 
Psalm 91 gives us promise of our God being greater than any trial. That he protects us in the scariest of times. 
John 16:33 declares that in this world we will face trials, but we should take heart, Jesus has overcome the world. 
I believe with all my heart he is protecting us. 


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. We are joining our faith with you and believing for a healthy baby!

  2. Saying prayers for your family. Declaring that you have a healthy beautiful full term baby girl in Jesus name.

  3. Bonnie and I are believing with you and Matt for a full term pregnancy and healthy and whole baby Monk.

  4. I agree and declare LIFE, FULL-TERM pregnancy, no more ruptures, amniotic fluid replenish....and sweet peace and abundant grace over you and Matt and your sweet little baby!!!! :)

  5. We are standing with you Stephanie. We are praying for you and your baby's total health in this situation. Father is listening and at hand, be at peace. He has this!