Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Saturday, November 30, 2013

21 Weeks for Baby Girl!

21 Weeks today. Tomorrow makes a week since I ruptured. Since then I was able to connect with a few other women who have also gone through Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane (also known as pPROM) and had positive outcomes! I have even hear stories of making it FULL TERM! Wow! 
I was set up with 2 women that have happy healthy babies! Both believers and both made it through speaking truth and positivity over their babies! 
I am staying positive, although there are moments of weakness. The moment it happens, I begin speaking life over Baby girl. 
Health wise I have been monitoring my temperature often (to make sure there are no signs of infection) and drinking a gallon + of water, mostly electrolyte infused water. I have been eating bananas, and have actually found that a banana for the middle of the night hunger helps me tremendously! 
I have had my moments. I haven't Christmas shopped at all for anyone and will more than likely be in the hospital for Christmas. Our home is not unpacked or decorated (although my mom did out up our Christmas tree!). The one thing that for whatever reason really hit me was that I bought a maternity shirt specifically to wear on Christmas that I probably won't wear this pregnancy. 
Two more weeks and the doctors will consider Baby Girl viable outside of the womb. I plan on making it much further than 2 weeks! With all of the water it seems I have began to have small leaks, which means the baby is making fluid. This is a good sign. I have had a difficult time gaining weight this entire pregnancy, so I have been trying to eat more! No weight gain, but no weight decrease! 
I have been praying Psalm 91 over Baby Girl every day. If you have any verses or prophecies for Baby Girl, Matt and I would love to hear! We know she will be world traveler. That she already knows Jesus and will always know her identity in Christ! That she will have an impact on the children of God like Mother Teresa! 
We are so thankful that Baby Girl has prayers for her all over the world! Wow! I will keep everyone updated after the appointment Monday with the Perinatologist! 

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