Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update: First Full Day

Well I'm closing I on my first full day in the hospital. Everything is going well... Just going with the flow. Matt and I have pretty much moved in :) 
I am so thankful that I have had two super sweet nurses so far- and am expecting this to be a trend. I'm finding that although I can be completely overwhmed by randomly approaching people to talk- I am pretty good at talking with people I have to interact with. 
So for my first night I had my vitals done, blood work (my favorite...) got an IV to begin antibiotics and my first of two very painful steroid shots. 
The thing I want to stress is (especially when asking me questions about my decisions), I have thought about each of these decisions and not only researched it (see pPROM management/regamine), I have spoken with trusted friends of mine who are very knowledgable about my particular situation, and I have prayed about this. So I am kindly asking that you trust that I am making each of my decisions very carefully. I also plan continue to make decisions this way. 
I am learning that as I become a mother, my decisions cannot just be based on how my mother, grandmother, mother in law and so on have made decisions. I also won't make decisions based on fear based information, or what the newest fad is. No mommy blogs, religious convictions of others, etc will be a final decision maker for me. 
My mother has been an amazing mother and has protected me so well. She has a lot of information and is very smart! She also knows that my life experiences are different than hers and sometimes the decision that seems best to her doesn't always jump out at me, and is supportive. So thankful for her and how supportive she is. She always reminds me that while she treats me as an adult, I am still her Baby Girl! It's why we have given our sweet girl the nickname "Baby Dolores", because her Nana is always looking out for her and her mama :) 
Well- back to my stay- I haven't slept as the steroids kind of make it difficult and while this bed is comfortable- it's some kind of air bed so it is temperamental instead of temperpedic. At the recommendation of some amazing friends- I will be adding padding! 
The highlight of my day was definitely watching Baby Girl try to kick the monitors off my belly. SO HARD that my pant elastic was pulled up over one monitor and she kicked it off :) 
I again am so thankful for all of the support. I want to make sure to update, but always keep things positive, as that is the end result we expect. Heck, not just positive, better than great! 
Now... To try to sleep... Until my rude awakening of more antibiotics and second (of two... Thank God) round of steroids at 1am :)

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