Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Friday, June 6, 2014

Perfection: I Tried to Take a Photo

A friend was working on a project and needed a picture of Olive I complete it. 
Okay. I have a photography degree, I can do this. Although... I didn't do anything indoors that I didn't absolutely have to... And I didn't do many pictures of people... Definitely not babies. 
Okay, but I can do this. Really, I can! 
So I started setting up the "shoot." Swaddle her in a white blanket, put a bow on her, check the lighting and set it up (an she looks so precious sleeping!) and BAM! 
She's awake! 
AND I can't figure out my white balance. Dang it! I just remembered it was messed up the last time I used the camera! 
Okay- push forward, you can do this! Wait! She's not sleeping anymore and she seems very angry! 
Her hand is out of the blanket! NO! That's not how it is on Pinterest! 
Maybe if I give her her pacifier she will calm down! 
Whew! Now let me rewrap her. Perfect.
Now to take the pacifier away... 
Uh-oh. She's mad. And her arm is out. 
The lighting is doing something great- But she looks crazy!

Then I had a realization. She is 5 months old. She's not a newborn anymore. She likes and dislikes things. She likes one arm out. She likes her pacifier. Let's let her do her thing. 

Yup. Adorable. And check out this one. 

I was made perfect in Christ and my relationship with Him. Not by how well I photograph my baby. Anyways- she is perfect no matter what. 
Allow yourself and everyone around you to be who you (and they) are- your life, just like Olive's pictures will be better because of it :) 

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