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Papel Picado

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Olive Monk and her Rainbow Bedroom

I know I've shared some pictures of items in Olive's room already and have had some requests to see the finished product. Today I finally got around to photographing her room (well after a long process of organizing and cleaning) and am excited to share it with you!

I decided to use the letters from her hospital room on her door since they received so many compliments. I quickly made the paper bows from a pinterest tutorial. The letters I cut freehand (thanks to my time as a preschool teacher for perfecting this skill). It was all done with cardstock I ordered from a teacher supply company.

Welcome to Olive's Room!
 A general shot of Olive's room. As you can see, Matt's family loves to read so her shelves that would be book and toy shelves will possibly be simply book shelves. That's perfectly fine with us, especially since her daddy loves to read to her! So many gifts are included in this shot including the beautiful reclaimed wood sign from my Aunt Zita to her colorful bear her Grammie gave her as well as a lot of fun stuff from other family and friends. Also, a beautiful personalized quilt made by the very talented Zohreh Daly!
The majority of her furniture comes from her Grammie and Nana, who love to buy everything Olive needs!

A view from the door.
Olive's crib with the wall hanging I made. I used various sizes of ribbon and used a scrapbooking heart punch and the afformentioned card stock. We weren't going to use a mobile, but since Olive loved the one on her crib in the hospital, we decided she needed one! Shown are a snuggle blanket from Carol Accardo of Blue Bear Embroidery and a minky/sofy blanket her Grammie found her.
Olive's crib.
 Olive's changing area. This shot also features an adorable bow hanger made by her Aunt Meagan and a wipe holder also made by Carol Accardo of Blue Bear Embroidery.
Changing area complete with family pictures above!
A  closer look at the adorable quilt made by Zohreh Daly.
 One of my favorite areas is Olive's Dresser. The mirror is another gift from her Grammie. Each of the bows you see I made by trial and error. I'm pretty happy with they look! The headband hanger is actually a necklace hanger from Hobby Lobby. Her dino bank has been collecting change for her since the day she was born. She also has a picture of her cousin, my goddaughter, Katelee on her dresser and a picture from our wedding.
Girly with a side of dinosaur.

Olive's first tutu.

Fun rug I picked up around Valentine's Day at Target!
Daddy and Mommy's wedding day and her Dino Bank.

It began as just me wanting her to have a cute room, but the more we realized what a miracle she truly is, it became something so much more. I, along with her Nana and Grammie have had a lot of fun with her first room!

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  1. That room looks almost as gay as Marten and Mary's wedding! bwahaha! So awesome!!!! :D