Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Thursday, June 27, 2013

God Gave Me a Family

This is something that has been tugging on our hearts lately, so here it goes. 
I have awesome parents. They are a unit. Do they argue? You bet. At the end of the day are they each others number one? You betcha. 
One thing I noticed as I grew into adulthood is my parents, no matter what, are a unit. Does that mean that they are against my sister, brother and me? Heavens no! They are altogether different, and my sister, brother and I have all grown up! They still serve us and love us unconditionally. 
I was 30 when I (finally?) got married. I always wanted to, but when I was about 28 I had been single for so long and had really come into my relationship with God I honestly wasn't sure I could get married and be the "warrior for Jesus" I wanted to be. What if my husbands calling was more important than mine? 
Did you know, though, God had put that desire to marry in my heart? As my friend Amy Lancaster says "you could lock yourself in the closet for 6 years only reading the bible and if there is one for you, God will bring them to that closet door. 
Wow, she was right (although I wasn't in a closet). He made someone so special for me, who I met at 29 and got to know at 30. 4 months together we were married. 
He is my family. He is my number one. Obviously God is my number one, but what I mean is, together, we are one. We are learning that while God calls us to be two completely different people, at the end of the day, He has made us one. 
He is the one I will raise children with, do ministry with, share money with and ultimately do life with. 
God has made it very clear to us that He doesn't want Matt to succeed anymore than He wants me to succeed, meaning that while we both may sacrifice, neither of us have the more important calling. 
Matt came home after the last ministry trip he did and told me "I won't do this again without you." 
I know of a family of 10 that went to Harvest School in Mozambique together. It can be done. Living life on the road with a family is one of the sweetest things I've seen. Great example? The Vanderbush family, or as we lovingly call them, the Vanderbi :)
What I am trying to say is.... Your family is your first ministry. I love my parents, brothers, sister and extended family, but I have grown up. My first priority in serving God is to serve Matt, and for Matt it is serving me. When we have children we will serve them together until they are grown, and then some. And when we have grandchildren we will spoil the mess out of them :)
If you have a dream, it is important to God, but make sure your family is not sacrificing more than you are for their dreams. If this is hitting close to home, I am here only to encourage you, and so is Matt! Message us! We will pray for you! 
I love you and hope for a bright, beautiful and exciting life! 

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