Papel Picado

Papel Picado

Monday, October 6, 2014

Olive Update! Home from the Hospital!

I decided to go ahead and write a more detailed update for Olive since I haven't been posting very much the past few days.

Olive is home from the hospital. For those who didn't know, on Sunday, September 28 Olive had a nasty cough. Since she has very serious respiratory issues any fever or cough has to be checked out. Once in the ER an x-ray was taken to get a better view of her lungs. There was a white spot in the upper corner of her right lung, so she was admitted for further examination. After about 24 hours of no fever and no other signs of sickness it was determined she did not have an infection, pneumonia or signs of aspiration. She was diagnosed with a respiratory virus and received oxygen support and breathing treatments.
After 3 days of not weaning off of oxygen support we were told she would probably come home on oxygen and use it for about 2 weeks. We were to be discharged on Thursday, however Olive had a small episode which worried the respiratory therapist, so we were told she needed about 12 more hours of observation. When it was about 30 minutes before she was going to be discharged, she had yet another event.
She was finally discharged at about 2pm on Saturday, October 4.
Sunday she had a great day respiratory wise. Not much coughing at all! Unfortunately at about 6:30pm or so she began throwing up and seemed to have symptoms of a stomach bug. We decided to treat her at home with Pedialyte rather than make another trip to the ER. Mostly to avoid exposing her to any other possible germs.
As of right now she is doing much better and is back to her regular feeds.
She will not be making any trips out in public for at least the two weeks until she is seen again by the pulmonologist.
We are okay with visitors, however PLEASE DO NOT COME BY IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS! As with ANY baby they are more susceptible to sickness, however for babies like Olive, a simple cough can be fatal.

Here are some recent pictures of her!

Playing in her hospital bed.

Waiting to go home!

Helping Daddy with her breathing treatment.


The sweetest.

Still looking great even though she didn't feel well.

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